BFG Film Review

Hi my name is Tina and welcome to my first blog post.

I’m writing about BFG, it’s a film about a friendly giant who collects dreams. He creates his own dreams, sometimes he mixes em together and gives em to other characters. The BFG lives on his own and meets Sophie at the orphanage where he kidnaps her when she discovers him, worried that she will tell people what she saw.

I liked how one giant was different to the rest of em. He could easily have been a child-eater and fit in with the crowd but he didn’t want that. He also represents disability in the giant world as he is smaller and thinner than the rest of em. The giants don’t like things to be different and so the BFG is bullied by his own kind, like people are in the real world. However, the BFG doesn’t let this stop him.

Sophie is his only friend in the cruel word that he lives in but as the giants eat humans, danger lurks in every corner. To save Sophie, the BFG asks the queen to help get rid of the other giants. I feel this is a great way to show the BFG develop as he has learned to love and be loved. He feels like a child asking an adult to help get rid of bullies.

My favourite scene is the fizzy pop scene that causes the characters to laugh and fart while floating in the air. It will make any child watching the film burst into a fit of giggles. It takes away the darkness of the BFG being bullied, Sophie being an orphan and the danger of being eaten.

I love the imagery used when the BFG looks after Sophie, using his massive hand to give her a shower.

I also believed that the characters were realistic because of the emotions they displayed in situations, the way they acted in danger and the way that they develop throughout the film.

I feel this film is enjoyable for all ages and would give it a five star rating. I feel the book has been adapted beautifully, the imagery is amazing and enhancing and the plot keeps you on your toes whether you know what happens or not.



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