Beauty and the Beast Film Review

This review contains spoilers.

Based on the fairytale Beauty and the Beast written by Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve, the story is about a young girl, Belle (played by Emma Watson) sacrifices her freedom for her father. Belle’s father is an inventor and travels to sell his inventions, on the way back he stole a rose from the Beast’s garden and the horse returns to Belle without him.

As she has agreed to stay for her father’s freedom, she is trapped with the Beast. The Beast, cursed, has forgotten how to behave and is afraid so he tries to push Belle away. Belle also wants to leave but her father would take her place. The enchanted furniture tries and encourages the two to bond. As this is a romance, they eventually fall in love.

Belle is an outcast because she loves to read and is able to read as the village can’t no one can understand her as no one has been educated in the village so Belles father must have read to her. The villages took the mick out of her and would say:

there she goes with her nose in the book again

Belle didn’t care that people take the mick that she could read.

Belle’s father raised her single-handedly, he was an intelligent man and obviously taught her. This meant that the two of them had a strong bond, and as he was weak, feeble and ill when he was in the Beast’s captivity, Belle didn’t want to leave him there, and this is the beginning of the story.

Belle and the Beast are like a house on fire, they both find the other irritating and a nuisance. This causes arguments and eventually, Belle runs away. The Beast chases after her and saves her life. This is where they start to tolerate and learn about each other. Eventually falling in love, although both deny this, to begin with.

The beast gives her a library and it is massive and there are many books that Belle had never seen so many books in her life. Inside the library is a book that allows her and the Beast to leave the castle and not be seen. Belle requests to go to her birthplace and discover what happened to her mom. Here we learn that her mother died of the plague and her father has always blamed himself for running away – which he only did to save Belle. This gives sympathy and a new backstory to Belle we have never seen before, despite her having no mother in the cartoon version.

We also learn about the Beast. When he was young, he used to be kind but when his mother passed, his father was unkind and beat the young boy until he became spoilt. The boy began to think he was entitled to things and that he was better than anyone else. That was until the witch cursed him and his servants. This shows that both characters have had a troubled past, Belle living with a father full of guilt,  the Beast with a father full of hate who used to abuse him and both lost a mother. However, Belle became kind and the Beast turned out like his father. This shows how much childhood can influence someone.

My favourite scene in both Disney adaptions is when Belle and the Beast feed the birds. This is because Belle is teaching him how to feed the birds, his paw massive. They cover him and it’s sweet, it is the moment they realise that they are in love.

At the end, the Beast learns the error of his ways and the curse is broken through true love. The film shows it is never too late to change if u know things can change for the better.


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