The Elephant Man Film review

What I expected from this film was to be a man as half man half elephant. This story has a twist to it. It is about a disabled man, Joseph, who was born deformed and nicknamed The Elephant Man – the life he lives is cruel.

His mother died during childbirth, and Joseph’s deformity was a result of his mother being trodden on by an elephant, which I found upsetting.

Joseph is put into what they called a ‘freak show’ back in them days, where someone different is put on show and expected to entertain an audience. Today, people have a different attitude to disability, some still don’t like difference but most usually walk on and ignore. Maybe they give the occasional stare as they walk past, but people nowadays tend to be harmless.

The man is treated like a thing, a possession, rather than a human being. I found the character to be brave, intelligent and kind.  I  find it amazing how he managed to survive and pull through despite the torture that he goes through.

All the characters were realistic and the villains were dislikable. One of them calls himself Joseph’s owner and is the caretaker of the hospital.  I dislike Joseph owner as he beats Joseph and treats him like he is not a living person. Likewise, the caretaker at the hospital makes Joseph do things that he does not understand.

My favourite scene is when Joseph is at the train station.  He shouts at the train station, until this point, no one would listen to him. They would scream and run away from him, frightened. All his life, Joseph had been bullied and only a few people stuck up for him. In this scene, it is clear he has had enough of being mistreated. He gets the courage to stick up for himself and tell others that they are wrong.

I’m not animal I’m a human being

The one thing Joseph wants in the world is to sleep lying down but he is unable to do this as sleeping sitting up is the only way he can stay alive. I find that people who are different to the norma are the kindest people you are likely to meet. I think this is because they achieve more out of life.

I loved when Joseph goes to the theatre for the first time. He loved the experience and it was an emotional and heartfelt scene.

The film is really good I’ve watched it lots of times I don’t think anything could have made the film better as Joseph Merrick got his wish at the end of the film. It is rated 18 and I would say it is not children but most adults would enjoy this film even though it covers depressing and dark topics.


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